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Provide a variety of camera modules, suitable for various products, provide customers with more diversified and complete imaging / sensing solutions, capture rich and detailed moments at any time, and provide the best choice for customers all over the world.

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Fixed Focus Camera Module

Stable, Low Cost, Miniaturization, Wide Angle and Wide Application.

Auto Focus/OIS Camera Module

Auto Focus, High Pixel, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Telephoto, Remove shooting limitations, Diversified Composition, Shooting more convenient.

Optical Zoom Camera Module

It uses Stepping Motor technology to drive lens group to realize optical zoom. The advantage is that the selectivity in the focus section is wider than that in the fixed focus or auto focus mode group . It can use a camera module to meet the photography requirements of different focus sections from 3x to 10x .

Dual-Camera Module

Photo enhancement in the dark, optical zoom and OIS.​

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