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Fusion Camera of Visible and Thermal Sensors

Create a novel appearance method for thermal sensing by fusion of visible and thermal spectrum.

A microbolometer measures the surface temperature by sensing the long-wave infrared (LWIR) that radiated from an object. The LWIR is invisible electromagnetic radiation, for observation of the temperature distribution, the sensed LWIR is remapped into a thermal map. However, the quality of the thermal map depends on the sensitivity of the microbolometer. The microbolometer that has high sensitivity is very expensive so that it is hard to be applied in the consumer and home market.

To extend the application field of thermal sensing, we combine a suitable visible camera with an entry-level microbolometer. The visible camera is not only improving the thermogram quality, but also makes the thermal sensing easy to use in various fields by image processing algorithm.

The advantages of fusion camera of visible and thermal sensors are:

  • 1.Visualized and easy understanding thermal sensing.
  • 2.Cost efficiently.
  • 3.Easy to apply thermal sensing into various fields by algorithm development.
    Object detection and tracking. Heat source detection and tracking.

Micro Spectrometer

The spectrometer can analyze the spectral curve of light and can be used for various detections with AI analysis. Compare with traditional spectrometers, this product has the advantages of miniaturization, simple structure, and better full width at half maximum (FWHM)

This micro spectrometer uses a special crystal design to generate interference images with different wavelength. The relevant information can be captured by a monochrome camera, and finally the interference images can be restored to generate spectral distribution curve with a special analysis algorithm. This special crystal design can reduce the size of the spectrometer from a traditional desktop type to a size that can fit inside a mobile phone, and greatly reduce the cost.

Rayprus is dedicated to providing customized electronic camera system equipment, image processing programming, central monitor and control system, and technical project research in the imaging and sensing field.

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